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Chapter Seven: That Was Intense!

October 9th, 2017

September just flew by with so many exciting projects for the house! You don't really think about it at first, but everything that needs to be done to build a big house needs to be done on a small house also - which is a lot! When we ordered all of our lumber, the kind young gentleman behind the desk literally thought we were building a "big chicken shed". HAHA. We're basically pals with someone in every department at good ol' Menards at this point.. We're there several times a week and they're always so sweet and ask us how the project is coming along, "Slow, but it's coming. It takes a lot longer when you learn as you go but it's a lot of fun!". Only one time did I have to stop in there without Nathanael and I swear they hardly recognized me without my "other half". Ask anyone who knows us and they'll tell you we're together 25/8 - I feel so lucky to enjoy one of the perks of marrying your best pal. Nathanael has the upper hand though, I think one of the reasons we can spend so much time together is that its just really hard to get mad at him - I'm constantly reminding him that he wouldn't get away with so much if he wasn't so dang pretty! Its like trying to get mad a puppy who could also be a Calvin Klein model... It's just not feasible, unfair really. Welcome to my hell.

Our driveway ended up being about 800ft long... can you tell we like seclusion? My favorite time to come up the driveway is right at golden hour when you drive up, come out from beneath the canopy of trees, and see the sun lighting up the tall grass on our hill leading up to the house.

Form, rough-in plumbing, insulation, initial electrical to the house, and septic - check! The beginning of September was pretty fast paced:

  • September 5-8, driveway

  • September 7, water-lines

  • September 11-16, concrete

  • September 13, plumber (rough-in)

  • September 18-20, septic

  • September 20, transformer

  • September 21, load #1 of lumber delivered

Now time to relax for a couple days because day #1 of framing, scheduled for September 23rd, is next...


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