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Chapter Fifteen: Strengths + Weaknesses

Nathanael and I are on our 10 ½ hour long trip to Colorado to snowboard so I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about our latest little project :)


Now, for those that don’t know, Nathanael and I live a married life that some claim they would never want to live. We are with each other virtually 24/7 365 days a year. We are both 100% percent involved in our tree service and the pursuit of The Prelude. In Long Family Tree Service, Nathanael is the climber and I’m the little gopher doing the ground work. For the venue, we are both involved in the ideas, drawing up of plans, and the physical labor of those plans and projects. On top of all that we live in a tiny house on our property where the only place you’ll find privacy is in the bathroom or outside if the weather allows. A lot of the time we get to hangout with one another with no agenda, travel, and spend time with friends and family but the majority of the time we are in some type of work environment that calls for establishing roles, being honest with ourselves and each other about our strengths and weaknesses, who takes the lead on this project and who’s more of the helper, blah blah blah. It can get real challenging. Actually, its extremely challenging. You don’t just get to leave all the little frustrations you have concerning your boss or coworker at work and then vent to your spouse about it when you get home. What if you had to go home with that person every evening, cook dinner with that person, lay in bed with that person at night, wake up to that person in the morning, and rinse and repeat. It forces you to do deal with things right away or at least as soon as we feel ready. Which is great in the grand scheme of things but oh my WORD it can get exhausting. Our lifestyle is definitely difficult but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to truly do life with my best pal, I’ve gotten to know more about him, the good and the bad, in the 4 years we’ve been married than couples often learn in twice the amount of time, I get to share a passion with him that we desire to turn into a career, and I also get to sneak kisses and butt slaps at work without getting sexual assault charges, I mean come on, thats a win! 

Our Strengths + Weaknesses


Now although I usually LOVE Nathanaels ideas, some of them are a little extreme for my taste. Let me explain on our most recent project of trimming out our front door because I just cant help but giggle! Now Nathanael and I had pretty much the same idea for the grand picture of the door trim but I gave him the reigns for roughly 98% on this project because he’s just so good at the intricacies of trim work! When it came time to pick out corbels for the door sill, knowing my husband, I kept saying to myself “look for something very detailed. Something borderline extra without being ridiculous.” and I found just that and really liked! So I sent him this picture:

to which he replied with this picture…..

Let me say that again...

He took one look at my corbel suggestion and thought to himself "Hmm.. too simple. Not unique enough. We can do better." and countered with this gem:



This is the man I married. I'll never fully understand him. But since I truly wanted him to create something that was all "Nathanael", which one do you think we went with? Yup. Boy that handsome kid can drive me bat crap crazy!! ;) All that to say I LOVE my husband and his beautiful brain, God keeps teaching me the value of balance, and although I love giving Nathanael a hard time about the corbels because I just like being a butthead I’m absolutely in LOVE with how the front door trim turned out!!


Also, here are some pictures of our trip because it was just beautiful!


Want To Follow Our Venture?

If you’d like to follow our venture I’d love to see you follow our pages @ThePreludeXII on Facebook and Instagram. I hope to encourage people to not deify common sense and to go all in for their passions and purpose and if this only encourages one single person to do that than it's more than worth it!

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