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Chapter Sixteen: Cheers To Going All In, Friends


Can you think back to a vision you had - a dream? One that got your heart racing and sent butterflies in your stomach? One that you just couldn’t shake. The intimate relationship you had with that vision - one moment it’s your best travel companion and motivator. The next it feels like that nagging back seat driver that won’t mind it’s own business. One moment it’s all consuming - when you wake up it’s the first thing on your mind and when it’s time for bed you can’t calm your thoughts enough to sleep. The next moment you become angry and apathetic towards it because it feels too distance - too silly - childish - you question it’s worth. You start flirting with comfort, stability, security, a path that’s been perfectly laid out to provide you the most safety and certainty - to mitigate the most risk. Your dear friend that you would stay up with hours into the night giggling and playing, letting your imaginations run wild now seems like a risky, dangerous, immature relationship. Nothing seems certain, nothing seems stable or secure with it. It seems like a lot of exhausting work to create the path instead of skipping off to one already perfectly manicured even though you know it won’t lead you to the destination you crave. The dream that’s the loudest shiniest thing in the woods when you know you’ve gotten off the path.

The Prelude has been that relationship for us. It started before Nathanael and I were even married. We've fallen hard for her. But she's taken us on such a journey. She’s caused us so much discomfort, pain, tension, worry, tears, bitterness, she’s caused us risk, time, money, doubt, anxiety, she’s made us want to quit, pull our hair out, pull each others hair out, she’s pointed out so many of our personal flaws and flaws as partners and how we work together. She’s often demanded our attention over friends, travel, play, family, relaxation and rest. She's made us wonder if it’s all really worth it. Yes... she’s been worth it. She’s proved herself over and over.

She is our vision - I believe our purpose. She’s been our best friend, motivator, inspiration, our drive, our comfort, our excitement, she’s the one we spend far too long chatting over coffee with in the mornings and makes us stay up way past what we thought our heavy eyes could handle. She has pushed us and caused us to grow, to learn, to test our limits. Shes taught us how to grind, to work hard, to play hard. She’s taught us how to think bigger than ourselves, bigger than our little world, to think about others and the life that goes on after us, what we can contribute and pass on. She’s caused us to grow stronger, have deeper faith, and love harder in our own marriage and our relationships with other people.

Here’s to showing her that we believe in her. We’re in, all in. Fully committed. We’ve so enjoyed the outdoor weddings and events we’ve had at The Prelude already and now we’re excited to have officially broken ground on our new building where our love for music, performing, and events will come full circle. In all seasons, both outdoor and now indoor it will hold weddings, gatherings, family, friends, strangers, the start of unforgettable moments. Cheers to the start, friends.


Want To Follow Our Venture?

If you’d like to follow our venture I’d love to see you follow our pages @ThePreludeXII on Facebook and Instagram. I hope to encourage people to not deify common sense and to go all in for their passions and purpose and if this only encourages one single person to do that than it's more than worth it!

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