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Chapter Eleven: Looking Back At 2018

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

December 12, 2018

Buckle down, here comes the "What a crazy year 2018 has been, I can't believe this and that, what a whirlwind, blah blah blah" stuff. I know Im jumping forward a bit but mid 2017-2018 seems like it just blended together and I've had no sense of time this past year and a half - Oh well! Also, Im pretty excited about all the stuff thats currently going on as we move into 2019 and Im getting impatient to show you!


Winter -

The winter of 2017/2018 was, in a nutshell, filled with getting necessities and amenities in the house - water, toilet, shower, you get it. I personally love baths - soaking in a caldron of hot water that warms your body as well as your soul, yes please. After getting all of our plumbing done, tub and shower installed, and drywall finished, all that was on my brain was the urgency to take a bath! Petite Sirah, book, and fluffy towel in hand, I stood eagerly awaiting the moment of truth beside our brand new tub as Nathanael turned on the main water line to test everything... My heart sank as I watched water immediately pool up on the floor from behind the drywall. After some Sherlock Holmes-ing we discovered the drywallers had accidentally shot a screw threw an elbow in the water line (they were amazing and everyone makes mistakes - they came to fix it right away). No bath for Ashley on that grim night.


Summer -

Summer of 2018 was filled with all the outside projects. Painting, planting, tilling, seeding, etc. and more painting, planting, tilling, and seeding, etc. amongst all the other chaos of summer life for Ashley and Nathanael - Long Family Tree Service, travel, time with family and friends, and so on. There was a lot to be done but overall looking back it's neat to see how this place has changed in the last year and a half!


The Opening -

We opened up The Prelude in late June 2018 and since then have so enjoyed the tours we've had with guests and all the lovely and talented people we've met through the different projects out here! We're so excited for the weddings and events scheduled for 2019!! Kinda scary looking forward realizing all the things you've been working for for so long are now coming to fruition to a certain extent - scary and exciting!


It's been such a humbling year. It's nothing new, we all know it and have learned it in different ways and will continue to do so until our very last breath, so don't worry I'm not going to go into a whole spiel thinking I've discovered something new and amazing... but life is not for the faint of heart. I'm thankful for a passion that will forever continue to challenge, mold, and break me. A passion that forces me to learn, forces me to do things that push me out of my comfort zone, one that allows me to meet all types of people, one that will keep me in check and not allow me to get ahead of myself but will hopefully be a constant reminder of the bigger picture. I'm thankful for a passion that forces me to look outside of myself and realize just how small I really am.

"The more I learn, the less I realize I know." - Socrates

"Knowledge makes a person humble arrogance makes a person ignorant."


Want To Follow Our Venture?

If you’d like to follow our venture I’d love to see you follow our pages @ThePreludeXII on Facebook and Instagram. I hope to encourage people to not deify common sense and to go all in for their passions and purpose and if this only encourages one single person to do that than it's more than worth it!

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